Advanced Doing Business in Israel


A highly detailed and customized two-day seminar for clients with wide spectrum interests in Israel, this course is divided into an in-depth, one-day comprehensive session in which participants acquire an intimate familiarity with Israeli culture and society through presentation of multiple case studies and examples portraying the many facets of day-to-day life and work in Israel. This intensive preliminary daylong segment provides attendees with an extensive set of skills and sensitivities that thoroughly prime their ability to comprehend, assimilate and adapt to Israeli cultural traits, both in and outside the business environment.  


The second day of this course is devoted to an exceedingly customized and detailed review of Israel’s business culture and environment with expanded emphasis on the cultural, behavioral and communicative aspects influencing the successful execution of specific business tasks in Israel. Relevant business tasks and objectives in Israel are individually characterized and explored by participants with knowledge tools derived from day one as well as numerous case study and simulation exercises. The “Advanced” Doing Business in Israel course is a vigorous and intense preparatory venue that leverages academic information, practical exercise and group deliberation to provide the highest levels of skill and preparation for succeeding, thriving and achieving excellent business results in Israel.