Coaching Services

  • Deliver a more personalized venue for understanding Israeli business culture.
  • For candidates who derive greater benefit from face-to-face interaction with our Israeli business culture expert.
  • Provide additional content that can only be achieved through a one-on-one experience.
  • Offer comprehensive instruction, advice and case specific consulting in a private, discrete framework.
  • Allow greater flexibility for delivering sessions for individuals in off-site locations and special situations.

Intended for more senior management personnel, our “Doing Business in Israel” Coaching program provides a highly customized and individually tailored instruction and preparatory service for American executives involved in Israeli business.  Coaching programs are pre-planned and customized based on preliminary assessments of a client’s requirements and expectations and are submitted to the client for pre-approval and fine-tuning of curriculum content and objectives prior to the delivery of the coaching session. Delivered in a one-to-one format, the coaching service imparts a unique instructional environment that is both more appropriate and more functional for the more hurried schedules of senior level managers.




The coaching curriculum includes all subjects covered in seminar formats but because training is provided in an individual format, both the coach and the client can choose to deviate from core issues and proceed on unplanned tangents of interest driven by the participant’s unique Israeli business interests.  The coaching format is a perfect venue for on the fly tutorial modifications and case in point illustrations that can greatly increase the efficacy and impact of the training session by allowing coach and participant to focus on issues of interest as they come up during conversation. In addition, the “Doing Business in Israel” Coaching program enables face to face exploration of issues that may be too complex to be addressed in a multi-participant format, or too sensitive to be considered in a non-executive setting.


Whatever the client’s unique requirements may be, the Coaching program represents a high quality, advanced level vehicle for providing cross cultural business insight on Israel and developing specifically formulated tools and solutions for fulfilling business objectives in that country. Furthermore, because Transmark’s highly experienced principals conduct all coaching sessions, corporate executives acquire exclusive insight and case-specific guidance that can be invaluable to the successful fruition of Israeli business ventures.