Post Session Consultation Services


Every “Doing Business in Israel” seminar or coaching program is accompanied by six hours of post-session consultation delivered via phone or email.


Experience has shown that acquiring intercultural business skills involves a process of increasing awareness through internalization of information. The evolution of awareness frequently generates new inquiries as businesspeople either ponder what they have learned or interface with their foreign colleagues.  Therefore, our post-session consultation service is provided as a means for enhancing the effectiveness of our programs and as an additional resource for program attendees while they are actively conducting their business ventures in Israel.




As program attendees hone their intercultural agility and as they either prepare for, or actually engage the Israeli business environment, they can either email or call us to consult on subjects related to, or evolving from their training.  Participants in any Doing Business in Israel program can solicit us for advice on issues that arise during their interaction with Israelis and seek real time guidance for improving their interface with their overseas colleagues. As an integrated element of our training program we can provide on the spot mentoring that can dramatically improve problem solving, decision-making, leadership, communicative and collaborative outcomes for corporate employees and management doing business in Israel.