Introduction to Doing Business in Israel Seminar

Content Description

Morning Session


An introductory segment designed to define seminar objectives and reveal, by way of exercise, preliminary attendee perceptions about Israel. This section introduces the “Piston Analogy” as a core element for understanding Israel’s business culture.

An Overview of Israeli History

An historical review as a background for understanding Israeli culture

The Roots of Israeli Culture

An analysis covering Israel’s major ethnic groups, religions, political transformation, and geography as driving factors influencing values, culture, and the Israeli business environment.

Anatomy of the Israeli Mindset

A core section of this seminar, the “Anatomy” segment analyzes the effects of contemporary Israeli culture (ethnic diversity, accelerated change, military service and geopolitics) on the Israeli mindset and builds a cultural profile of Israelis and their environment. This segment provides both concepts and tools for understanding and accommodating Israeli traits and values as a methodology for constructive relationships across the cultural divide.

Case Studies and Workbook Exercises Throughout the Session

Afternoon Session

Architecture of Israel’s Business Environment

An examination of the forces that influence and shape Israel’s current business environment and the effects of that environment on the peculiarities of doing business in Israel.

Comprehensive Profile of Israeli Business Culture

An in-depth investigation of business culture in Israel in terms of management and communicative styles, time perception, cooperation and team building, organizational norms, ethics, quality and workflow management. This segment integrates historical, mindset and value system parameters to reveal and explain Israel’s unique business culture. This segment consolidates information presented during the morning session into an awareness platform that serves as a basis for acquiring the required skills for business success in Israel.

Doing Business in Israel

Practical tools and solutions for recognizing and managing culture driven challenges, communicative issues, team building barriers, motivating and de-motivating factors, conflict evasion and resolution, time and protocol accommodation.

Methodologies for Doing Business in Israel

Practical cultural, mindset and communicative tools, strategies and solutions for successful fulfillment of unique business tasks such as management, negotiations, sales and marketing initiatives, merger, acquisition and investment ventures, and customer support.

Case Studies and Workbook Exercises Throughout the Session

Optional Experiencing Israel Segment

A short informative segment covering non-business, recreational and personal interest topics such as sightseeing, shopping, food, and entertainment in Israel.