What We Offer

  • A hands-on, business oriented, case driven, set of cross cultural preparatory seminars and coaching programs for executives and employees planning or actively engaged in Israeli-based business ventures.

  • Training provided by professionals whose backgrounds involve over 25 years of developing trade and joint ventures between Israelis and their global partners.

  • Seminars and coaching sessions uniquely customized to a client's specific business interests in Israel and designed to provide vigorous, action point, step by step preparation for achieving results in negotiations, trade, and other business ventures in Israel.

  • "Doing Business in Israel" curriculums derived from actual global Israeli business ventures and real case studies of corporate level communications and interactions between American and Israeli businesspeople.

  • Training designed to effectively develop skills for understanding the Israeli business environment, culture and mindset by leveraging cross cultural concepts to explain and resolve the peculiarities of doing business in Israel.

  • A 100 page copyrighted “Doing Business in Israel Guidebook” that serves as a platform for seminar and coaching sessions as well as a practical resource for succeeding in Israel after completion of training sessions.

  • Six hours of post-session phone or e-mail consultation included in every “Doing Business in Israel” seminar or coaching program.

  • A set of ancillary services designed to optionally complement the various “Doing Business in Israel” training programs.